Testing & Validation

Testing Services

To hand over a product which needs to be tested is about trust.

Our test laboratories are ISO/IEC17025 certified and experienced in the automotive, consumer &
electronic field. 

Material testing competencies: 

  • Fabrics, leather, synth. leather, foils, coating 
  • Paints, elastomers, specialisms, foam, plastics
  • Fibre, composites, wood, ceramic, fuels

Component competencies: 

  • Seat belts, sunscreen, molded parts, thermal shields, cocpit, seats
  • Aucustics & structural, compomemys, solar panels / sun, simulation, box, LI-Ion Batteries

Test method competencies: 

  • Mechanical durability, surface durability, UV/Weather resistance, media durability, corrosion resistance, noise analysis
  • Friction anysis chemical, analysis flammability, emissions, sensory systems, acoustics, saftey 


  • Kalahari outdoor exposure area, complete car testing, environmental test chambers solar load simulation, hydraulic, pneumatic electrodynamics, test drives

Testing Specializations

To test & to validate a product which has passed many stages during its development process is a big responsibility.

Vinso Global Ltd provides a range of testing

Together with the costumer we align a detailed and costumised testing plan to execute the test based on the specific requirements. 

Our testing core competencies include:

  • Emission & Odor
  • Environmental simulation & reliability tests
  • Outdoor weathering 
  • Corrosion 
  • Material 
  • Durability