Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Local Sourcing

Growing in Vietnam only with the right collaboration partner. 

Vinso Global Ltd concentrates on sourcing & order execution. 
We let client’s in-house designers, style specialists and creative teams do their work. We work with them, we don’t compete with them.​

While we are sourcing the costumer request, our team ensures;

  • Transparency. 
    We connect our partners directly with the vendors.​ 
    We take care of the follow-up of the orders on
    behalf of our partners.

  • Full disclosure.
    We provide full information of our activities,
    resources  and the vendors or factories we work with. We qualify the factories’ capabilities and
    audit them for environmental, social and
    governmental compliance (ESG).

Supplier Audits & Performance Management

We provide full disclosure of our activities, resources and the vendors of factories we work with.

We qualify the factories capablities and audit them for social and environmental compliance according to global
Our experienced quality management engineering team ensure

  • quality management audit & control
  • quality processes & manufacturing audits & control
  • technical compliance
  • supplier risk management 

Quality Control & Inspections

Vinso Global Ltd can manage essential quality
control programs to safeguard the output from
supply networks in Vietnam, including:

  • Design of a custom quality control inspection process based on your specifications and key performance requirements.
  • Test protocols based on multiple stages of the production process.  
    Including; raw material verification, component functionality, process verification, end product functionality, quality, appearance, etc.
  • Real time reporting, including problem analysis and proposed corrective action plan
  • After action reporting, follow up and verification by retesting

Supplier Audits & Performance Management

Ensure your supply chain with us!

Our team from Vinso Global Ltd provides a full suit of auditing & monitoring your suppliers and processes. Such as;

  • Quality management audit and control​

  • Process and manufacturing audit & control​

  • Technical compliance​

  • Supplier risk management

  • Inspections

Quality Inspection

Vinso Global ensures your product & process quality.

Our services include:

  • Quality Inspections​

  • Pre-shipment Inspections​

  • In-Process Inspections​

  • First Article Inspection

We ensure:

  • Quality standards and technical requirements​

  • Problem solving and corrective action​ plan

  • Product functionality, performance, material quality, reliability 

Your value:

  • Reducement of poor quality costs and product defect rates​

  • Elimination of the need to hire a local employee or to send your staff on expensive oversea work postings​

  • Provide real-time monitoring and feedback on supplier’s performance to generate efficient and time saving processes

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